How Can You Find Us?

You can find all of our servers by searching for "CyberBlacksmith" in the server list. We have a great community that share our servers and are always interested in adding a few good people. You can find us on Discord at the link below along with the community guidelines.

Who Are We?

We started out as a group of local friends in Oklahoma looking for new and seasoned gamers to join us in online gaming. Now we have friends and players in multiple states and countries just looking to have a good time.

We're an M rated gaming community, so keep that in mind when joining us in Discord. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or prejudice on any server or chat system.

Can I Help?

We operate the cluster as a labor of love, but from time to time people inquire about new features, games, or hardware. We donate our time and money for what we can, but if you want to help out we have a number of ways you can support the servers listed below.



  • A1 - Draco - PVE Connect
  • A2 - Camelopardalis - PVE Freeport Connect
  • A3 - Orion - PVE Freeport Connect
  • A4 - Scorpius - PVE Freeport Connect


Server Rates

We have customized the game configuration to improve the challenge for individuals and small groups, offering a reasonably tough experience without the need for a large tribe in order to complete large goals. All of our rates are monitored and we work with the players to make sure we're able to maintain a healthy balance.

Modified Rates for Atlas 4x4

  • Boosted Engram Points
  • PVP and Boss area in Cepheus
  • No Structure Placement Collision
  • 10-player Companies
  • PVP zone - Cepheus
  • Boss zone - Carina
  • 100 Player levels before discoveries
  • Boosted player levels and Dino stats
  • Settlement Mode
  • 4x Harvest Health
  • 4x Harvest Mult
  • 3x Experience
  • 3x Crafting XP
  • 2x Gold Multiplier
  • 2x Taming Speed
  • 4x Maturation
  • 10 Players per Company

Mods List

View Mod Collection

  • Custom Item Stacks - A highly customizable stacking mod allowing stack and weight manipulation on a per-item basis.
  • Eco's RP Decor - Craft time appropriate furniture, kitchen items, and decorations.
  • Eco's ATLAS Foliage - Placeable foliage, trees, bushes, rocks, and flowers to create beautiful gardens and landscapes.
  • SPUK Advanced Structures - Structure enhancement pack allowing items to be picked up and includes multiple building enhancements.

Managed Servers

Unlike other custom servers that break repeatedly and suffer wipes due to tinkering, our servers are managed carefully by a team of dedicated IT Professionals that also happen to be gamers. That means our servers have improved uptime, reliability, and fault recovery compared to other custom servers. This also means better updates and regular server backups.

Superior Hardware

We run our clusters on dedicated hardware here in the USA, not shared VMs sitting on an overloaded farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Our clusters use dual Xeon quad core processors, 80GB RAM, and a super fast 8 disk array designed for speed and reliability. Add 24/7 monitoring to the table and we have a setup second to none.