The future of Atlas

By: Zephoes
Published: 2/9/2019 6:00:00 AM


     We're looking forward to mods, but the game isn't quite ready for them. We want to balance for solo/small companies including claims and taxation, but a lot goes into that. Need to address high level exp pacing. We want more grids, but we don't want to overextend ourselves before more content releases.

Modding not quite there

     We are just as anxious to get some mods installed as everyone else is but as of now there are still some issues with doing so. Specifically, regardless of what mod you install it reverts the in-game gunpowder and fertilizer items to their ARK equivalents which makes them useless in Atlas. Until this is addressed on a core level rather than depending on each mod author to bake a fix into their mod, we aren't quite comfortable putting mods on the server.

Mod Consideration

     Regarding what kinds of mods we are interested in, as a general rule we prefer aesthetic (i.e. Eco RP Decor) and quality of life (QoL) mods (i.e. Structures Plus). We enjoy playing the game in a somewhat balanced state, so we try to not go for mods that, for instance, reduce the weight of items by 90% or increase stack sizes into the high thousands. We are always open to suggestions on mods but we also have to consider how they will affect server performance and player load times. No one likes spending 15 minutes to connect to a server after they've disconnected while being drowned by a mermaid.


     Balancing companies/claims/taxation/exp/raid islands. We need to do a fair amount of work on this. We want the taxation system to be rewarding but don't want for instance a large tribe to just run around and claim flag spam every resource in every grid. Suggestions on how to balance this are very welcomed. We will also be looking into balancing power stone islands until Grapeshot gets around to doing so themselves in the coming months. We've had some complaints about exp slowing down once you reach around level 50. That is because it's a sort of soft cap for exp. We boosted our levels to 100 without discovery points but exp sort of curves that out. You can do end game content like treasure maps which gives a good amount of exp to grind out these levels, but we will be looking into other options so that you're not confined to just grinding maps.


     Adding more to the map. We have the server availability to add more grids but we don't want to overextend ourselves and not have room for future content which Grapeshot has stated they will have new biomes to be released later